Stop Smoking Therapy Costs

Stop smoking therapy costs

Compared to other companies my services are very competitive. Should you decide to use another Bioresonance therapist however,  then please make sure that they use the Bicom 2000. The exact same equipment as featured on the TV coverage.

Stop Smoking In UK

I Use Only The Bicom 2000 – The Exact Same Equipment As Used On BBC News 24 and Richard & Judy Show

Cost per therapy – £195 2nd treatment included if required (*See Note)

10% Discount for groups of 2 or more

Home Visit Service – £25

Second home visit if required – FREE

*IMPORTANT – Most smokers I have treated over the years stop smoking after just one treatment. In fact, nearly 90% to be exact however you feel you would benefit from a second/top up treatment then that is included in the price and therefore there is no additional charge.
Do not enter in to the therapy thinking that you have two treatments and therefore it doesn’t matter if you smoke after the first session because of the 10% that the stop smoking treatment doesn’t work for, nearly all have done just this and ultimately failed.

 I want you to succeed, your success is my success and I will do whatever I can to ensure that you do

Finally, so far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a silly question so please ask.