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Stoptober Offer

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Brighton Clinic - StoptoberStoptober is here and it’s time to stop …again?

If you are finding it tough you are quite normal because it’s really not that easy without help. I know because until I had Bioresonance therapy I’d given up LOADS of times.

So I am renewing your £50 voucher for the whole of Stoptober AND offering an extra 10% discount for 2 or more persons. After all it’s even easier in a group.

So instead of it costing £195 it’s £145 for individuals £130 for 2 or more so call me personally on 01273 251251 or go HERE and I’ll call you back to discuss the therapy with you or make an appointment if you would like to try it. You won’t regret it I promise!

Sky News coverage of Stoptober

Here are a couple of recent testimonials. I have thousands more as I have around an 80% success rate because I remove the addiction rather than replace it.


Hi carol,

I havn’t now smoked since the treatment. The big test for me was on friday night when I went out and drank alcahol…..I got very pissed and didn’t smoke!! Great I am very happy…thankyou, I will recommed you to many friends who want to smoke…james

Dear Carol

I am letting you know that I have NOT had a cigarette since my therapy with on the 30th of august and I feel great and look much better My girlfriend’s cigarettes don’t bother me any more and I am confident that I will never smoke again!  

Thanks so much

Best wishes Miranda

Hi, my name is Dan. It’s been a month since I stopped smoking with the Bicom 2000. In my case I don’t really wanted to stop,because I am going through many changes in my life right now. My father saw an advertisement on a local newspaper and suggested to give it a try, and it worked. I couldn’t believe that a habit I have had for 20 years would disappear in 20 minutes of therapy, but after the session I felt really calm and had no desire to smoke, so I waited and waited and night came without any cigarette. The day after I woke up very rested and calm with a increased appetite, which followed the next days, at the fifth day without smoking the appetite started to slowly go back to normal. I gained a couple of kilos but what is that compared to the high level of energy and vitality and the joy of being free from the slavery of nicotine. I would sincerely recommend the Bicom 2000 to anybody that want to stop smoking without pain or suffering.


Bioresonance Stop Smoking Testimonial

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Another Bioresonance Stop Smoking Testimonial.

I so love helping people to stop smoking and getting emails like this.

Thanks Anna

Hi Carol,

No cigarettes so far, haven’t really had cravings..The treatment put me in a weird mood for the last week and I’ve only been sleeping properly the last couple of days but it seems to be working so I’m happy with the results.


Bioresonance Stop Smoking Testimonial


Brighton And Hove Stop Smoking – Special Offer!

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Brighton And Hove Stop Smoking offer you a nights stay for 2

in Marine View Hotel, Brighton…


Just book a Bioresonance therapy appointment for 2 with Brighton And Hove Stop Smoking!

Marine View Brighton Hotel

Brighton And Hove Stop Smoking Offer

Richard Kirby proprietor…

“Our centrally located Brighton Hotel takes its name from the spectacular views most of the rooms offer of the Sea, Brighton Pier and the splendor of its Garden Square.

We pride ourselves in offering a Relaxed, Stylish, Clean environment for all guests within our family run establishment.

Wake up to our stunning location and a delicious cooked breakfast.”

Brighton And Hove Stop Smoking Offer

Includes bed and breakfast for both guests
Excludes Fridays and Saturdays
Excludes New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
Advanced booking is required bt telephoning 07008 099919 or 01273 603870 
A 14-day cancellation policy applies
Excludes New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
Guests can upgrade to a sea view room for an additional £20 supplement per night (subject to availability)
Families can add another person for a £25 supplement per night and a £25 surcharge for the extra bed per stay (subject to availability)
Small pets are welcome for a £7 supplement per night (subject to availability)
Bookings are subject to availability
Cannot be used with any other Brighton And Hove Stop Smoking offer or discount

So stop smoking easily and have a relaxing nights stay in a seafront hotel courtesy of Brighton And Hove Stop Smoking!



E-cigarettes – As harmful!

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E-cigarettes – No safer than normal ones reports the Daily Mail!

E-cigarettes - No Safer!

E-cigarettes contain carcinogenic chemicals that make some as harmful as normal tobacco.

  • Findings from the National Consumers’ Institute said it tested ten different rechargable and disposable models for carcinogenic and toxic properties
  • Researchers ‘detected a significant quantity of carcinogenic molecules in the vapour of these cigarettes which have thus far gone undetected’
  • Report also criticised certain models for lacking child-proof safety caps because nicotine levels contained could be lethal to children
E-cigarettes contain chemicals that make some ‘as harmful as normal tobacco’

Read more:


Quit Smoking Testimonial

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Quit smoking – with my help you can do it to!

“Hi Carol,

With your help I quit smoking! Fag free and feeling good. Other than the first couple of days which was purely psycological its been pretty easy  with absolutely no temptations. I slept for a mamoth 13 hours on the saturday night so obviously the machine did still have some physical affect on me. I also started my healthy eating plan on the monday and to be honest i’ve been more focused on what i should be eating (or rather what i cant eat!!) than the fags. I’m not drinking coffee, alcohol, not much fat and no sugar and i’m loving it….the only thing i’m really missing is chocolate and i did nick my sons easter egg on mothers day but i dont feel guilty cause i’m not smoking!

I’ve lost about 7 lbs and gained a love of organising myself healthy meals. I think you wrote down the book name but in case you’ve lost it its called ‘The Food Doctor Ultimate Diet’ by Ian Marber, but its not so much a diet as a way of eating healthy meals while learning the best way of putting certain foods together for the best nurition.

I cannot beleive I’ve actually quit smoking!

I will write again in a few weeks to let you know how i’m getting on

You make sure you are taking care of yourself too instead of everyone else all the time

Thanks for your help Carol

kind regards

Teresa x”